Parking Apps–How parking apps are solving parking issues globally

Parking App to thrive in India
July 17, 2020

Parking issues are no less than a nightmare. Especially, when you are in a tight spot looking for a space and end up getting crossed by a dude parking his car over two bays. Makes your blood boil, right? 

By all means, parking is a serious annoyance of life that you get to deal with every day. A study conducted by IBM shows how thirty percent of total traffic in a city is imputable towards people looking for a parking space. On average, in a city like New York; one of the busiest in the world, people look for parking space every 20 minutes.

In his book “The High Cost of Free Parking”, LA-based economist Donald Shoup writes about his study around Westwood that witnesses more than 3000 vehicles every day. That’s 30 trips made around the earth in a single year. The funny part being, all that drama with parking space hunt is limited to a neighborhood that has only 15 blocks.

Undeniably, the time spent looking for a parking space eats away the essence of your trip or your daily schedule for that matter.

That’s where a parking app comes to the picture. With smartphones ruling the roost, parking apps imbibe the best of tech to cut you some slack and offer peace of mind. Here’s a look at a handful of parking apps that help motorists find the right spot to park their vehicle.

Posted by : Abrar Kadvekar
Date : Thursday, july 02 , 2020

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