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We all know how big traffic and parking problem is, we at ParkGaadi intends to take a revolutionary step in parking services, ParkGaadi will help millions of drivers/riders to find the closest parking to their destination, let them know how much it will cost and whether the space is available for parking on their mobile devices which means no more driving around looking for parking.

Also, ParkGaadi will help parking owners and operators (of all shapes and sizes) optimize and re-purpose their under-utilized parking real-estate.

ParkGaadi, based on the current hour need of people for drivers. In today's’ time, drivers have become the necessity for every car owner in Metro cities because of traffic, and finding parking space is also another task. Keeping in mind the hustle and bustle of the Metro city traffic, ParkGaadi has come together to offer different services for customers with a different approach.

ParkGaadi has built an entire eco-system service like advance parking booking, Rent O Driver, Vehicle Sanitizer, etc for the digital economy,

ParkGaadi is registered with the name Three 9 Technology and Services LLP.

What Our Client’s Say

“ParkGaadi works with existing barrier technologies in older car parks, eliminating the need to purchase a new parking system. And the digital platform’s enhanced compatibility”

Aman Lasod

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