Parking App to thrive in India

Parking Apps–How parking apps are solving parking issues globally
July 2, 2020

If you are a city commuter, there is no second way of putting this. 

Yes! Parking is a problematic game altogether. 

With the rising number of vehicles on the street every day, finding a suitable spot for your car is tricky but risky. A majority of cities across India have unmanned parking sports. In case you drive a luxury automobile, you have already got the hint. 

Gladly, parking apps are here to change the scenario for good. They ensure that you find a spot to park your vehicle, but they also come with the convenience of reserving it before your trip starts. 

Many times, one has to drive around the corner, hunting down a parking spot. However, with parking apps, you can use your smartphone to guide you to the nearest available parking spot based on your location. 

In this post, we take a closer look at how parking apps are changing the game for the parking industry and end-users alike. 

Cutting through the chaos

Parking apps have made it possible to enhance security, reliability, and convenience substantially for one and all patrons. 

With mobile technology in place, parking apps are redefining the assistance that motorists crave for parking:

  • Enhanced asset management 
  • Improved compliance 
  • Higher Satisfaction 

 It allows a person to locate a parking space and compare prices across a string of facilities and reserve their spot accordingly. Thus, harnessing the goodness of real-time data through smartphones is one rewarding benefit that helps one plan their trip even before they start their car. 

In essence, parking apps have made it possible to access information, which turns down all barriers that usually occur near a busy location. 

Challenges in the way 

The parking industry has witnessed a sea of changes since mobile parking apps made inception. However, the friction that exists in viewing workforce management from the tech used is causing within the business at large. 

 Strictly speaking from the Indian perspective, the city administrators are in the habit of issuing tenders for all related operations and the tech involved. As such, the government doesn’t encourage multiple vendors, but it is weary of the best results due to the management issues for both human resources and technology. These two aspects are markedly different in their competencies, and They put forward a need to separate the functions for good.

Moreover, for parking apps to thrive in India, there seems to be an urgent need for congestion pricing, which will help reduce the stress level for vehicles on the street. 

Crowded cities across the world like Dubai, London have already shown the way with differential parking pricing. Its high time that India follows their steps to cut down the relentless search across miles to hunt down a parking spot in a potentially crowded locale. Only then, the demands of the parking app to make the best out of the industry can be realized. 

Posted by : Akhya Singh
Date : Friday, july 17 , 2020
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